Q. Can You Help Me Increase My Range?

StevenTylerMOUTHA. One of the most frequently asked questions when a new student approaches me about vocal lessons is, Can you increase my range? And my answer is always confidently,Yes!

Without even knowing the person, if they are asking that question, then there is something they don’t yet know about their own ability, and I know I can give them the knowledge and the training to solve their own mysteries about their voice. It’s terribly exciting to see the light go on in each persons eyes as they realize their new potential.

I have figured out the logical process for success for increasing your range and I want to show it to you. The first step is getting one’s natural falsetto and chest voices healthy and strong. That alone will result in a growth of range in those registers that is anatomically and easily attainable. It’s a matter of a proper warm up, the right exercises and correct execution. It’s optimal for both registers to be equally healthy as they work in support of each other.

SiaSingingMOUTHNext is the ability to make the smooth transfer from one register to the other with no audible break. Learning the muscles that shift in the larynx through the break and utilizing the abdominal muscles, etc., that support the shift.

Last is the knowledge and training of the passagio. The passagio is the hardest vocal technique to master and not everyone is able to grasp it. It takes dedication and proper training to get it down and not over work your vocal mechanism to the point of any vocal fatigue. However, if you can master your passagio, you can absolutely bridge the gap between your chest and your head voice in a full belt and feel as if you are flying while you’re singing and can sing anything!

You want to know how to increase your range? Are you serious about singing? Let’s get to work!

Q. How can I purchase your Warm Up! CD?
A. Purchase my Warm Up! CD here! Just submit your payment through PayPal and your Warm Up! CD will be on it’s way!

Q. Where are you located?
A. I teach mainly in Chatsworth, California, near Porter Ranch, Northridge, Woodland Hills, and Calabassas. I also will travel to a studio in Hollywood, California or teach privately in your home for an additional fee.

Q. Are your rates competitive?
A. My rates are amazingly competitive if you come to my studio in Chatsworth, California. I charge three times as much if I travel to Hollywood or to your home. Please call for details.

Q. Do you accept vocal students with no prior singing experience?
A. Absolutely, I do! I thrive on teaching beginners, intermediates and professionals and watching the astounding growth in them all.

Q. How Do I Sign Up?
A. Visit the Contact page and send me an email or give me a call. We will discuss a day and time and set an appointment for your first lesson!

Q. How Do I Pay For Lessons?
A. You can via PayPal once we have agreed on a lesson schedule in an email or over the phone, or you can pay with cash on the day of your first lesson and check or cash after that.