Pam Loe

MG_6652Pam Loe has been contributing her talents to Country and Americana Roots music for more than three decades. Born in Dallas, Texas, Pam was raised in Southern California and has been singing and performing since she was eight years old.

She began singing and playing guitar when introduced to Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, Peter, Paul and Mary, Neil Young, Bob Dylan and the rest of the Folk music world. It immediately became a passion, and has never waned. The lyrics and the melodies that drew her in insisted she sing them out for anyone who would listen to this profound genre.Her elementary school, which was located on the campus of California State University at Northridge, then San Fernando Valley State College, had a tremendous arts program and an influence in Pam’s life’s direction. In addition to the school plays and assembly performances, her solo vocal and piano performance of Nina Simone’s ˜Four Women earned Pam a two year scholarship to a summer art program that furthered her knowledge of writing, harmony, and performing.

I thought changing the strings on my guitar and learning how to tune using harmonics was one the coolest things in life to that point. When my best friend in the fifth grade started singing harmony with me, I thought I was experiencing a little part of Heaven. I didn’t care about audiences when I was young. I would sit in my room for hours, days and weeks (till my mom called me up for dinner!) and just listen to music and practice singing and playing songs. I loved the solitude of my room and my music.

Throughout Pam’s school years, cheerleading, horses and sports were always a constant. The cadence of the cheerleading was infectious. The love of her animals and the ability to show what a horse and rider could accomplish together were thrilling, and the perfectionist attitude to excel in a sport were all driving forces for Pam. It all carried over into her music and realizing the importance of all these extra-curricular outlets for spectators as much as for the performers made Pam want to pursue a career in entertainment.

In 1981, Pam met Dave Loe, a Chicago born, Los Angeles based singer, song writer, multi-talented instrumentalist and performer who exuded a passion for Classic Rock n Roll, RnB, Country, Surf music, etc. Completely inspired, it was with Dave that Pam began her professional career as a Country music entertainer in Los Angeles, California. With the phenomenal rise is Country music and Country dance popularity, their band, Pam Loe and Hipshot, traveled throughout California performing in almost every Country night club and venue, playing for the Country music fans. Pam began winning first place awards at the world famous Palamino Club in North Hollywood and then Female Entertainer of the Year four years in a row from the California Country Music Association.

Along with a multitude of other extraordinarily talented musicians, Pam was fortunate to meet Jeffrey Steel, who was then a rising star, singer/songwriter in Los Angeles, that occasionally played bass for Pam in the Pam Loe and Hipshot band. Steel is now a renowned Country songwriter and television personality and it was through him that Pam met Suzette Grier. Grier, who managed Steel’s early career, managed Pam’s career from Nashville and landed her a production deal with engineer Eddie King, (Bruce Hornsby and the Range.) With songs from Steel, Dave Loe, Chad Watson, Paul Marshall, Dale Watson, A.J. Masters, as well as from respected publishing houses in Nashville,TN, so began the recording project and emergence of the band Loe, Loe, Watson.

Pam would make several runs to Nashville to meet with Grier. Just the trip to Country Music’s Capitol was exciting in itself, however, Pam was honored to sit in and sing at landmark venues on lower Broadway, meet with the famous Country clothier Manuel, and attend the Grand Ole Opry for a tribute to Minnie Pearl. Her special visits to those publishing houses for songs for the Loe, Loe, Watson project included Starstruck Publishing, (Reba McIntyre) and Famous Music Publishing. Yes I Do was one song that was immediately selected for the project due to the outstanding vocals on the demo of another soon-to-be star, Trisha Yearwood.

As Country music emerged across America and beyond so did Pam’s performing opportunities. As well as the prominent Country clubs in Southern California, Pam’s performing experience includes concerts and events that featured The Judds, Dolly Parton, Merle Haggard, Garth Brooks, Michael Martin Murphey, Greg Evegan (B.J. and The Bear), John Schneider, John Anderson, and Patty Loveless. Also, Pam was a lead singer in The New Seeker’s Jamaican Tour (Hey There Georgie Girl and The Coca Cola Song) and traveled to the island of Sardinia, Italy as the lead singer, along with Steve Travado on guitar, with the first Country Band from the United States to perform there!

1986 is when Pam first met Chad Watson while he was a member of the famous Doo-Wah Riders. Chad had been touring and playing bass for Ronnie Milsap, Charlie Rich, Janis Ian and David Arkenstone, but was at that time, playing with the California based band famous for opening for Country legends and playing every Country Awards Show after-party that came to town. Chad, influenced by Jaco Pastorius and Charlie Haden, was clearly in a league of his own on stage with his beloved bass guitar.

Seizing the chance to play with this incredible talent, Pam invited Chad to play with the Pam Loe and Hipshot band at the first opportunity. The attraction, both musically and personally, was very apparent from the start. There was a joy on stage that was obvious to their audiences. With their harmonies and statuesque appearance, Loe, Loe, Watson was a success and the group enjoyed the next five years of recording and performing together. In 1992 Chad and Pam became a duo, both musically and personally. (See Pam and Chad) They married in 2003 and the music continues.

Pam seriously studied both singing (see Valley Vocal Coach for more info) and acting. Pam studied in Hollywood, California for four years at the Randy Kirby School for Commercial Acting and the Van Mar Acting Academy. Pam joined SAG and AFTRA and was involved in a volume of work that included film and television as a featured back ground artist in Baby Boom, Deep Impact and The Ellen Show, Independence Day and a small handful of supporting roles including Unsolved Mysteries and Unconditional Love. Though singing was her calling, the training through acting was invaluable to Pam as a human being, a performer, and a vocal coach.

Pam has been performing with her band Pam Loe and Hipshot for nearly 30 years. (See Pam Loe and Hipshot.) During all of her professional career, Pam has been the proud mother of her amazing boys, now outstanding men in their own fields. A recording and touring contract were within reach, however the importance of a stable home and lifestyle for her children out weighed the decision to take her music on the road. With absolutely no regrets and keeping all things in perspective, music at all cost was not the most important priority. Pam has been blessed with an outstanding life in music without compromising life’s values. Certainly her first loves are her family, music, and The Good Lord Jesus!

You can see Pam perform as she continues to keep a full schedule appearing at the elite singer/songwriter venues in Los Angeles, engaging audiences in concert with the Pam and Chad duo, and performing with Pam Loe and Hipshot band around Southern California. (See Scheduled Events.)